CoC Board Members

The business of the Westchester CoC is managed by a Board of voting members. The CoC Board is made up of representatives from all CoC grant funding recipients and sub-recipients, 7 sector representatives, plus 2 at-large members elected by the General Membership.

Karl Bertrand
Program Design & Development LLC.

Annette Peters-Ruvolo
Westchester DCMH

Dahlia Austin Westchester DCMH
Grant Recipient

Marcie Ciuffetelli
The City of Yonkers Grant Recipient

Anahaita Kotval
Lifting Up Westchester
Grant Recipient ‘

Chantelle Okarter
The City of Mount Vernon
Grant Recipient

Ruthanne Becker MHA of Westchester
Grant Recipient

Helen Frankel FSSY
Grant Recipient

Cynthia Knox
Grant Recipient ‘

Carole Troum
HOPE Community Services
Grant Recipient

Nadine Burns-Lyons The Sharing Community
Grant Recipient

Nicole Granata
HDSW ‘ Grant Recipient

Rita Liegner
The Guidance Center of Westchester
Grant Recipient

Craig Wong
Westchester DSS
Grant Recipient

James Coughlin Westhab Grant Recipient

Joe Kenner
Greyston Grant Recipient

Doreen Lockwood
Lexington Center for Recovery
Grant Recipient

Paul Stolz
VA Hudson Valley Veterans Services Representative

Alba Guevara
City of Yonkers ESG Grant Recipient

May Krukiel
Hope’s Door Domestic Violence Representative ,

Anthony Sabia The Bridge Fund At Large Member

Maria McGinty
BOCES Educational Representative ‘

Tajae Gaynor Cluster At Large Memeber

Bruce Anderson
Westchester DOH Healthcare Representative