Westchester County CoC (NY-604) HUD Fiscal Year 2019 Funding Request

Application by the Westchester CoC to HUD for renewal and new funding

Our Mission


The mission of Westchester County’s Continuum of Care Partnership for the Homeless is to coordinate all of the stakeholders, systems, and resources available to prevent and end homelessness in Westchester County, NY.

Our Vision

The vision of the CoC Partnership is that within the next ten years, all persons and families experiencing the possibility of homelessness in Westchester County will have a permanent, safe, decent, and affordable place to call home, will secure the means to economic stability and that no one will remain homeless in Westchester for more than 30 days before being restored to appropriate housing.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the CoC Partnership is to assist in the coordination and development of services and housing for homeless and low income persons with housing needs by seeking to:

  • Provide knowledge and engage the general population of Westchester County to understand the issues around homelessness

  • Identify housing and services needs of homeless and low-income persons in Westchester County based upon ongoing needs assessments

  • Distribute relevant information to Westchester County service providers to address housing needs

  • Mobilize the fullest possible variety of public and private resources to prevent and end homelessness in Westchester County

  • Mobilize resources to help individuals and families achieve economic stability

  • Support planning and development of services to meet prioritized needs within Westchester County

  • Encourage the development of a diverse array of permanent affordable, subsidized, and supportive housing throughout Westchester County

  • Effectuate all Continuum of Care responsibilities and set forth by HUD

Coordinated Entry System

The HUD mandated triage process for people experiencing homelessness or in imminent danger of becoming homeless

CoC Guiding Principles

This document sets forth the guiding principles of membership and participation in The Westchester County Continuum of Care Partnership for the Homeless.

CoC Written Assistance Policies

This HUD mandated document includes the Westchester CoC standards and procedures for all providers of permanent supportive housing, rapid rehousing, and and transitional housing.

CoC Structure

Organizational chart for the CoC Board and subcommittees.